Our offer
1. Corporate investigations
  • investigations of identifying a theft perpetrator
  • running undercover operations such as disclosure of unfair competition
  • effective detection of wiretaps
  • Bug detectors
  • companies’ assessment concerning owned security measures
  • consultation on surveillance
  • screening tests
  • resume verification
  • salary verification
  • fraud detection
  • detection and prevention of violence in the workplace
  • sick leave verification
2. Insurance investigations
  • information necessary for the verification of insurance policies
  • verification of a damage authenticity
  • examination of inheritance
  • expertise and investigation of a vehicle legality
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking
3. Searching for people and property
  • searching for missing persons
  • searching for missing debtors
  • searching for the lost property
4. Brand protection
  • authenticity verification of sold goods
  • detecting the origins of a product
  • exposing unfair competition
5. Collection of information
  • ID verification
  • address verification
  • checking the reputation (feedback from at least four different sources)
  • validation of the property
  • polygraph test conducted by a trained and experienced person
  • DNA tests (including paternity test)
6. Romance Investigations
  • Can you utterly trust your partner?
  • Do you know where he or she is right now? Do you know who he or she meets?
  • On request, we verify information concerning a prospective spouse. We gather evidence in divorce cases
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